AICTBM Themes and Sub Themes

Details of AICTBM Sub Themes

ST 01: Business for Society (B4S)
ST 011: Accounting, Finance, Reporting and Control for Society
ST 012: Rethinking the form, governance & legal constitution of corporations: theoretical issues & social stakes.
ST 013: Economy and Finance for Society: Pathways to Social Innovation
ST 014: E-Green HRM: The Next Challenge to Manage People
ST 015: Market and Society
ST 02: Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance (CSCG)
ST 021: Corporate Governance – ST General Track
ST 022: Board of Directors and Top Management Team
ST 023: Corporate Governance and diversity
ST 024: International Corporate Governance
ST 03: Entrepreneurship (ENT)
ST 031: Entrepreneurship – ST General Track
ST 032: Social Entrepreneurship and Societal Change
ST 033: Academic Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial University
ST 034: Entrepreneurial Finance
ST 035: Entrepreneurial Decision Making and Behavior
ST 036: Business Model Innovation
ST 037: Cultural Entrepreneurship - Innovative Issues in Arts Business and Culture & Creativity
ST 038: Growth Strategies & Internationalization for SMEs.
ST 039: Managerialization and Professionalization in SMEs and family firms.
ST 04: Innovation and Management (INO)
ST 041: Innovation – ST General Track.
ST 042: Business Model Innovation
ST 043: Organizing Creativity for Innovation(Multidisciplinary perspectives, theories, and practices).
ST 044: Managing for Service Innovation.
ST 045: Teaching and Learning with a difference
ST 046: Digital innovation: Strategies, Competencies, Theories, and Practice.
ST 047: Sustainability, Circular and Green Tech Innovation.
ST 048: Competency Development in Business Management Industries.
ST 05: International Management (IM)
ST 051: International Management - ST General Track
ST 052: SME Internationalization
ST 053: Interactions between Cultures and Management.
ST 054: International Competitiveness
ST 055: International Tourism and Hospitality Management.
ST 056: Strategy, Management, and Marketing in and from Emerging Markets.
ST 06: Organizational Behavior (OB)
ST 061: Organizational Behavior - ST General Track.
ST 062: Team Performance Management.
ST 063: Human Resources Management.
ST 064: Demographic challenges for management.
ST 065: Leadership.
ST 066: Meaningfulness and Mindfulness at Work: A Calling and Crafting of Action Research.
ST 067: Motivation, Trust and Incentives.
ST 07: Project Planning and Management (PO)
ST 071: Project Planning and Management - SIG General Track
ST 072: Action Research and Engaged Scholarship in Projects and Innovations.
ST 073: Managing Major and Mega Projects: The importance to Broaden Classical Project Management Approaches.
ST 074: Projects and Society.
ST 08: Research Methods and Research Practice (RM&RP)
ST 081: Research Methods and Research Practice - SIG General Track.
ST 082: Developing an Evolutionary Epistemology; Evolutionary Approaches in Management Research.
ST 083: Management Theory.
ST 084: Management Theory and Social Theory.
ST 085: Theories of Management, Information, and Systems.
ST 086: The New Frontier: Combining Computational, Qualitative, and Quantitative Methods.
ST 087: Using Persuasion Science in Practice.
ST 09: Strategic Management (SM)
ST 091: Strategic Management - SIG General Track.
ST 092: The Strategic Practices of Mergers & Acquisitions.
ST 093: Business Ecosystems: Strategies and structures.
ST 094: Strategic Processes and Practices.
ST 095: Micro foundations of Strategy, Dynamic Capabilities and Knowledge Mechanisms.
ST 096: Collaborative Strategies: Coopetition, Networks and Alliances.
ST 097: Competition: Interfaces and Impact.
ST 098: Business Model Innovation.
ST 10: Concrete Technology (CT)
ST 101: Numerical Method in Concrete
ST 102: Innovative Concrete Technology
ST 11: Structural Engineering (SE)
ST 111: Structural Health Monitoring
ST 112: Rehabilitation of Structure
ST 113: Numerical and Computation research in Civil Engineering
ST 114: Sustainable structural Engineering
ST 12: Disaster Management (DM)
ST 121: Structural Disaster Management
ST 122: Infrastructure Disaster Management
ST 13: Renewable Energy/ Reservoirs (REDS)
ST 131: Renewable Energy Resources
ST 132: Dams and water conservation
ST 14: Environmental Protection (EP)
ST 141: Innovative Environment Protection Techniques (Air, water, soil)
ST 142: Water treatment (Plant based coagulations)
ST 143: Investigation of agricultural waste
ST 15: Transportation Engineering (TE)
ST 151: Road Safety
ST 152: Pavement materials
ST 153: Latest transportation systems
ST 16: Communication Technologies
ST 161: Conference General Track
ST 17: Information Systems
ST 18: Big Data and Data Sciences
ST 19: Algorithms, Logic, Semantics and Programming Theory
ST 20: Computer Vision and Graphics
ST 21: Intelligent Systems
ST 22: Internet and Data Security
ST 23: Software Engineering
ST 24: e-Business and e-Learning
ST 25: Bioinformatics
ST 26: General Conference Track